Feeling as if it were scripted, shot and spliced together since the August opening of xXx, Extreme Ops is a cheap attempt to cash in on that exciting film’s mixture of action and extreme sports.

A group of extreme sports enthusiasts travels to a remote mountain in the Austrian Alps to film a commercial. While there, they inadvertently film a Serbian war criminal using the summit as a hideout. They then find themselves on the run for their lives, but curiously able to avoid getting so much as a hairline fracture even after falling from high-up cliffs.

As dopey as the soldiers-versus-skiers plot is, it’s nearly a full hour before Extreme Ops gets around to it. In the meantime, we get awful effects and endless shots of stuntmen filling in for B-grade actors (such as Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) traveling down mountains. How fascinating.

Extreme Ops is such a bad film that you’ll give up and just try to keep track of its numerous continuity problems (stunt doubles for females being obviously male and the film stock’s constantly changing tint are among them).

One character adamantly states that he’s filming a commercial, not a movie. Given that it’s relentlessly boring and even cribs music from X-Games ads, Extreme Ops ironically seems to be operating on the same principle.