A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby exists because A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding was released in 2018 and A Christmas Prince was released in 2017. It’s the natural progression for these things: love, marriage and a baby in a baby carriage. Where will they go in 2020? Who knows, but Royal Baby is an adequate conclusion to the first Christmas Prince trilogy.

What am I gonna do, slag on it for delivering the goods? It has everything viewers have come to expect from the adventures of progressive-minded reporter Amber (Rose McIver) and her royal hubby, Richard (Ben Lamb), heirs to the throne of Aldovia. In the previous film, the two dealt with a communist uprising quelled by Amber’s quick-thinking. Here, they’re mired in a more traditional Hallmark-style plot: An ancient treaty with neighboring Penglia (Chinese stereotypes, ech) has gone missing, and if it isn’t found by the end of Christmas Eve, the first-born child of Aldovia will be cursed. And Amber is pregnant!

Having become a father this year, I really do think the situation would have been way more stressful if curses were involved.

Amber and Richard are joined by all the franchise favs: Simon (Theo Devaney), the sneaky brother from the original film, is now fully redeemed and in love with Amber’s best buddy, Melissa (Tahirah Sharif), but must still prove himself. Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey) has a smaller role this time, no longer the self-aware highlight of the mix. Mr. Little (Richard Ashton), Amber’s father, has less of a role this time but still shows up to provide some overwrought “Noo-Yawk” humor.

The Royal Baby mostly ties up all the remaining loose ends from its predecessors, providing a happily-ever-after for the Kingdom of Aldovia and friends new and old. Is it dumb? Sure. Is it compulsively, pleasantly watchable as an alternative to whatever sitcom you’re binging for the 15th time on Netflix? Definitely.