The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special feels like a holiday necessity. It’s so funny, so charming, so sweet beneath its foul-mouthed camp satire of the Christmas tradition that it makes me wonder why we don’t just grade movies by the number of sex jokes per minute. I’d have at least seen this before now.

Drag queens Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme — best known for their appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race but each with a long, impressive career to her name — put on an impressive variety hour of music, dance and comedy routines that only gets funnier as it goes.

The story is pretty basic: The two queens decide to put on a Christmas show but feel very differently about the holiday. DeLa looks at the season through cherished childhood memories, particularly of her dearly departed grandmother. Jinkx, on the other hand, just wants to forget about the “festive season” and get laid by as many random, nameless men as it takes to get through to the new year. It’s a classic holiday dichotomy. With a little help from each other, a haunted eggnog and a sexy savior, the two of them learn to live the true meaning of the holidays.

There’s a twist on the Nativity with a leper Frosty; a musical number called “Everyone is Traumatized by Christmas”; a rancid fart gag; meta-humor; an obsession with Santa’s sack; sexy dancers, silly songs and constant drug use. They run through a wardrobe of incredible dresses and costumes. It’s absurd and endearing. It’s even a little lovely.

Last year, the two stars appeared in Hulu’s holiday film Happiest Season. The streaming channel also became the distributor for this holiday special. As the holidays near again, don’t waste time watching the latest bottom-barrel Netflix holiday drivel or, god forbid, anything Disney+ tries to throw your way. Watch the only special that really gives a shit about Christmas in all its strange, silly, anxiety-enduing majesty. It’s rare a film makes me laugh so hard I snort. I think this one might’ve given me sinus problems.

Given that it premiered in 2020, the soundtrack album for the special is already available on Spotify. Tickets are on sale for live versions of the show, as well. The film remains available online, and it’s a highly recommended companion to the holiday season.