Special Features

    •    HD transfer from the original negative
    •    Hig-definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
    •    2.0 DTS-HD MA mono Mandarin with newly translated English subtitles
    •    Audio commentary by Kenneth Brorsson and Phil Gillon of the Podcast On Fire Network
    •    A Shaw Story — interview with Susan Shaw
    •    The Beauty and the Beasts — interview with Linda Chu
    •    Lau Wing — The Ambiguous Hero
    •    Original trailer


Human Lanterns is my favorite of Shaw Brothers’ forays into horror. It’s a Shaw-style story of rival martial artists told with the atmosphere of a Hammer horror film and the visuals of 1970s Eurotrash exploitation. The gore is over the top but comparatively scant compared to later Hong Kong horror, and that relative tameness contributes to its odd atmosphere. This isn’t a horror film with kung fu or a kung fu film with horror. It’s a perfect blend of two popular genres. Not to mention it stars studio stalwarts — and personal favorites — Lo Lieh and Chen Kuan-Tai.