This may come across as dismissive — and you may disagree — but Disenchanted, while not dishonoring the Disney name, is a distinct disappointment. While not a disgrace, there’s a decided disparity between this disposable diversion and the distinct original.

Distancing themselves from disquieting urban life, the formerly animated Giselle (Amy Adams) and hubby (Patrick Dempsey) deploy to the distant suburbs. That decisive action comes much to the dismay of her distraught stepdaughter (Gabriella Baldacchino) and Giselle dares to disarm the dispirited teen through magic — a device that leans to action disproportionately focused on darkness instead of delight.  

I won’t divulge much more detail, except that it’s disorienting to turn Giselle into a dislikeable stepmother — nearly as much a dirty dealer as the town’s devious diva real estate agent (Maya Rudolph). 

Rather than distill the pleasures of the original and devise a delectable dessert, Disenchanted does the original a disservice. 

Delivering itself a decade and a half away from the original is a definite disadvantage, of course. But with songs that lack distinction and a disconcerting dependence on dysfunction, I’m not surprised Disenchanted was distributed directly to Disney+.